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My View Today

And it is stupid cold. If it weren’t windy, I could be out trying to photograph frozen bubbles. It is snowing heavy enough that it was a challenge to get a pic of my front Maple that wasn’t blurry. I didn’t quite manage it.

Snowy Fall Maple
Snowy Fall Maple

I’m hoping the snow stops soon and gives the streets a chance to melt off because MC drove to school today and he has never driven in snow. It wouldn’t bother me if he were a few short miles from home, but we live really close to the farthest edge of the district, which means a good 20 minute drive on 50+ MPH highways and a few side roads. We did tell him to take the bus home if it was still bad when school lets out. Now we get to see how well he listened.

Oh, and a bit of a brag moment… MC got accepted into his top 2 colleges. We are now in wait and see mode on any scholarships.

13 thoughts on “My View Today

    1. I’m pretty sure he has made his decision to go there over his second choice because it really fits him perfectly. At this point, he is almost guaranteed to get more money from his first school, so that helps.

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      1. He didn’t do the whole visit thing. He did some research into degree programs, scholarship opportunities and location, then decided he could get the same degree pretty much at any of the schools and opted to stay local to avoid room and board. He had two he was looking at, but really likes this one. The scholarship he is interviewing for would give him a full ride.

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    1. I have a love hate relationship with the cold. I love getting all the seasons. I love snow. I hate being cold. Probably why I spend a bulk of the winter bundled under a blanket next to a window with a book.

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      1. Hygge – I bought a book on it – such a beautiful concept and although we don’t get the snow – we do get weather that makes it miserable to be outside so – I hygge now. Even in summer – it means clean floors air con and iced drinks with a clean pool and lovely smelling scented oils. Still working on the dust free surfaces – constant battle and really – it just gets dusty again- balance 😏

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  1. I remember those moments of kids driving in the snow. White knuckles until their cars pulled in. And congratulations on the college news! Fingers crossed for some substantial scholarship help. Are his choices near home or out of state?

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    1. Both are local schools. We are lucky to have several state universities within an hour of home, so he had several he was looking at. The one he initially considered is still in state but 4 hours away. Being the practical kid he is, he didn’t want to spend the 10k per year extra for room and board only to get the exact same degree he could get and stay local.

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