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Happy Halloween

For the first time since my kids were tiny, Halloween feels so different and I just don’t have the motivation to do everything I have for years. I’m not doing the garage this year. I’m not dressing up this year. I barely got up the energy to do a pumpkin (mine’s on the left), though it was only BG and I carving this year. The weather is so NOT helping. Upper 20s and snow do not put me in the mind of Halloween.

Snow on Maple Leaves
Snow on Maple Leaves

I’m still doing my best to make it fun for my kids, but they are teenagers so it just isn’t the same. Their idea of fun is for me to make a bunch of awesome finger foods and spend the night grazing, so that’s what I’m going to do. I think BG is going to dress up and answer the door. She was a little disappointed we weren’t doing the garage, but she understands. It is a lot of work to put in when kids aren’t going to show up. The new construction has changed how kids go through the neighborhood and we got skipped last year even though kids know we put on a great show. She did say last night that it was probably a good idea we didn’t do it when she saw that we were going to be lucky to hit 30 today.

Like so many things, our Halloween tradition is changing to fit how we are changing. I hate it from the standpoint that I have always adored Halloween and have always gone all out. I’m also really kind of glad to not have a crap ton of stuff to do. I can just sit back and relax for once.

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I didn’t decorate the house this year. I bought a few little gourds and pumpkins, and I admit… was kind of nice. I didn’t feel them”need” to add atmosphere. It’s just a new stage

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    1. It is going to take a lot of getting used to. Hell, it may be that I change my mind and do something next year whether the kids participate or not. I was just so not feeling it this year, though.

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  2. Us too. The just turned 12yo has a bunch of friends in the neighbourhood with small siblings so they’re all going to take the little kids out, but I tell you, it’s raining cats and dogs which sucks. Our neighbourhood is high density and on a dry night we can get up to 200 kids…but I doubt it’ll be even a 100 tonight. It’s just too icky. I doubt the teen will even get up to answer the door…

    Some of the neighbours on our street go ALL OUT with noise and decorations and dry ice…not sure how it will go this year though. Ugh.

    Happy Halloween!

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    1. When I first started going the garage, I honestly thought it would be this fun draw for the kids’ friends, but… apparently kids are weird. Probably my kids are the weird ones, but that never happened. We were hugely popular in the neighborhood with both kids and parents wanting to come see what we’d done differently that year, but our normal near 100+ kids dropped to maybe a dozen last year and we had great weather.


  3. Of course it’s logical when traditions and routines change as place, time and kids change, but there is a real sense of saying goodbye as well as the emotions of family dynamics seem to become much more apparent when the kids are soon to be adults.
    The tricky question, at least as I remember it, was do we make new traditions or do we just let things happen as they may and enjoy a new sense of freedom while we tuck the memories away…

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    1. Right now, my kids are big on choosing how they want to adjust things. I’m sure that will change as they start having more of a life outside of us. I have a feeling Hubby and I are going to have to create some new things for just us if our kids stray too far from our traditions just so my heart doesn’t break into a million pieces.

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