Yes That Is Snow

We got a little snow last night, which is unusual enough. The fact that it is still there today is even more so. It also doesn’t look like we are done with it just yet because they are calling for more tonight and again on Halloween.

I’m really hating it for a number of reasons, but a big one is the fact that our poor dog Izzy is already struggling. We had to get a harness for her so we could help her up the stairs and back in after she goes outside. Her back legs are either experiencing extreme weakness or severe arthritis, but it makes it really hard for her push off with them to get up or climb steps. The early cold and now snow is going to make it even harder on her. Between that and struggling to get her interested in eating… she is just having a really hard time. It is a little better for her when the temps aren’t too cold and it is dry so seeing this so early just makes me mad on her behalf.

10 thoughts on “Yes That Is Snow

  1. That beats my frost that looks like snow by leaps and bounds!
    I bet Izzy would love a heated dog bed or blanket to lay on. Is she small enough you can just lift her up and down or no? Can dogs take OTC human arthritis meds?

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    1. She is over 40 pounds, so I couldn’t do much with her at all. It’s why we got the harness. This way I can lift it to help take the weight off her legs enough to help her get around. She has never been a bed or blanket kind of dog. She always chooses the wood or tile to lay on. Her favorite is the tile in front of our fireplace. We may need to run it more than normal this year. The vet has her on meds to help. We are very much at the point where our focus with her is quality of life. The vet is convinced if we get her through winter, she will most likely stick around for another year, but winters are hard. He told us yesterday that a lot of dogs will choose to give up in the winter. It isn’t going to be a fun season this year.


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