Last Of The Rose Of Sharons

Not just the last this year, but quite possibly the last from this bush as it doesn’t look like it is going to survive. It was doing amazingly well for years, but this year a large piece of it died back. Hubby trimmed it  and it looked like the rest of the bush was going to snap out of it, now the whole thing looks like it is barely hanging in there. It breaks my heart as that bush is huge and has been the one to hang on with so many other plants in my yard didn’t make it through.

5 thoughts on “Last Of The Rose Of Sharons

    1. We have horrible clay here so we struggle to get things to grow well or for long. I’m pretty sure if it dies out, Hubby will insist we don’t replace it so it is one less bush he has to mow around. I don’t really blame him. I have kind of gone nuts in putting in bushes and flower beds and he is the one that ends up doing most of the maintenance.

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