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Okay, This Is Awesome!

I’m not normally a note taker when I’m reading. Mostly because stopping to take notes tends to pull me out of a story. Also because I’ve never found a truly convenient method of doing so where I didn’t have to shuffle my reader with either my laptop or a notepad (which also usually meant trying to find a decent pen or pencil and those are NEVER where I left them). I’m also kind of lazy and all of that is just too much work. I’d rather read.

Sometimes, though, I do need to make a note of something so I don’t forget. This was the case for the current ARC I’m reading. Then I remembered my tablet doing some weird split screen thing when I first got it. This prompted me to play around a bit and found I can split my reading window with a notes window! I can either type my notes or use the handy pen to write them. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this more in the future because it is such an easy way to take notes which makes it totally awesome.

Yes, I’m easily amused by things that make my life easier.

10 thoughts on “Okay, This Is Awesome!

  1. Evernote….if I read in my phone I take a screen caption and load it into my evernote app which will index it so I can search the image.

    But your method I would use if I had an ereader or kindle or tablet. 🙂

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    1. It was just amazing to have my notes right next to what I was reading on the screen. I toyed with it a bit and I can do a super simple copy and paste of text into the note app as well, which I love.


  2. What reading app do you use? I use kindle even on my galaxy and it’s easy to take notes. I have a galaxy tab-s, which is losing steam, mainly because it came loaded with so many useless apps I can’t get rid of. I hope samsung comes out with a smallish updated tab soon. It’s been a great tab, nonetheless.

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    1. I also use mostly the Kindle ap. I’ve never spent any time investigating taking notes in it.

      This is such a big tablet and is the only drawback so far. All the extras I can do with it make it worth the learning curve.

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      1. I’ve gotten used to it, though it did take a bit coming from such a small device. My biggest drawback is that it is difficult to carry and read. I tend to walk around the house while I read sometimes to get some form of exercise. The weight and the size make this a bit harder, though I’ve found I like the case I bought as it feels like I get a better grip and I’m less likely to have it slip out of my hands.

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      2. My Nexus 7 was only about 7 inches. This one is 10.5. I think it would have frustrated me more overall if the cover I got didn’t have the tablet section rotate so it can stand either horizontal or vertical. I end up propping it up more than I hold it most times to read, which makes a world of difference.

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      3. My cover does the same, but the only reading I use my big galaxy for is epubs because, as I mentioned, I don’t have space on my little one anymore to run an epub reader. I also have reader’s thumbs now (it’s got the name gamer’s thumbs but mine’s from reading). (roll of the eyes)

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