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It Begins

I so adore starting my Monday cleaning a massive hairball off the wood floor. *sigh* And this is just the start of the insanity because dance starts this week for BG. This means that her assisting days also start this week. I only discovered last night that I’ve got to scramble this afternoon because MC has his gaming club right after school. That means I have to leave as soon as BG gets off the bus so I can run and pick MC up, race home back home, grab BG and take her to her first class she assists. Then I get to sit in my car for a hour while she does it.

This bit of crazy really won’t last but maybe a couple of weeks because we just almost have the car situation worked out and he will start driving himself to and from school. It doesn’t relieve the stress of Wednesdays when BG has to be at the studio at 4 but wouldn’t get off the bus until nearly 3:30 which is about the time we need to leave to get her there on time. I’m probably going to have to be picking her up from school on Wednesdays. Until MC gets comfortable doing this drive (which includes a stint on the highway) BG won’t be riding with him. We all have decided that we all need to be in agreement that he is ready before she will do that, that includes BG being comfortable with it. I have no time frame for that piece.

Have I mentioned that with BG assisting this year, I’m going to have to be at the studio, in my car, 3 different times a week? The 4th time she is there long enough for me to drop her off and come home or get stuff done. The other 3 times is only an hour so it makes no sense to drive the 20 minutes home to only be there for about 10 minutes before doing the 20 minute drive back.

There are reasons I’m pushing her to learn to drive ASAP. I’m hoping she will be able to get her license as soon as she turns 16 after the first of the year.

It’s a good thing I like to read.

8 thoughts on “It Begins

    1. Ha! It is actually one of the reasons I ended up getting a laptop a couple of years ago. I thought I might take it along and get some things done, but the books ended up being a much bigger draw for me and easier to do. I might have to reconsider that now that I have to be there so many times. Wonder if they’ll give me their WiFi password?

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    1. I’ve never had this level of stuff going on with my kids. This is the first year they both decided to get extra active. I’m glad they are since they both tend to be really introverted, but… it’s the part where I have so much to do to make it happen that is the absolute pain.

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      1. For me it’s the lack of seeing how their decisions to leave things to the last minute affects others. Granted, I’m a SAHM but that doesn’t mean my time is at their beck and call (I’m trying to achieve some goals during my at home time…)…I realize they’re still young but it can’t be that hard to understand that even parents have their own schedule and things going on…

        Anyway. WE

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      2. My kids are normally really good at not waiting until the last minute. MC does this every once in a great while, but not often at all. Granted, I picked him up from the club on Monday last week, but we didn’t exactly go into the fact that this was an EVERY Monday activity, but I did kind of know this already. When it came up last night, he was HUGELY apologetic for not saying something earlier or being clear this was an every week thing. I’m just glad it was Monday and not Wednesday or we would have all been screwed and I don’t know what I’d have been able to do to fix it until he was driving himself.

        I’m also a SAHM, so I absolutely get where you are coming from. It ticks me off to no end when anyone just assumes that because I don’t have a job outside the house that I’ve got loads of time to do other things. Um… sorry! Nope! I do have a life. Just because most of it is spent inside the walls of my house doesn’t mean I don’t have important things to do.

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