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Help! Book Club Discussion Topics and Questions

I received a lovely email from a reader today and I’m looking to help her out. For those of you that have read my book, or even anyone that has ever participated in a book club, can you help me put together a list of questions or topics for discussion for a book club? I have never been in a book club and I haven’t a clue how or where to even start to help. I think if I can get a list of questions, I’ll also be posting these on my book page for anyone that would be interested.

Thank you to anyone that can help!

2 thoughts on “Help! Book Club Discussion Topics and Questions

  1. i’m in a wonderful online book club and we ususally just scour the internet searching for questions – Here is a website with some generic type questions:
    If your ever looking for a book club – this one has amazing voracious readers in it! New members are being accepted but I think only on Mondays

    I’m reading your book now and its quite good! I’m just at that part where i’m thinking “he did what?!”

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    1. Thank you so much for the list! I hated that I didn’t have any kind of a ready response to this request as I just never considered it. Also, huge thank you for reading!


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