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And Another! Beautiful Sky Beautiful Sky – Release Day!

I apparently missed ANOTHER release day book. This one only because it was just announced today. Sorry for all the posts today, but… Please add this one to your TBR. I had the privilege to hear a little about this one while it was being worked on and I’m really excited to dig into it. I absolutely LOVE this cover!

Blurb: High school senior David Tinker is a failed former second-string linebacker, a wannabe rock star, a pothead, a writer, and a bit of a jerk. It’s his final semester at North High and he’s beyond ready to be done with school. Wendy, his once-compliant girlfriend, expects too much of him. His ever-shrinking circle of friends is testing his patience. And his insult-slinging father is increasingly impossible to endure. And then there’s the choir director, Mr. Halston, who wields the power of graduation and isn’t above a little blackmail. When David’s world suddenly spins out of control, he finds himself searching for the one thing he didn’t know he was missing: hope.

Beautiful Sky Beautiful Sky by Stephen Parolini

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