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Amazing Review of An Unexpected Turn: Writing Community Newsletter

I wanted to take a moment to do a little squeal and brag, because this came in my email today. The Writing Community Newsletter is a group committed to helping the writing community and indie authors. Both through providing wonderful articles as well as resources, author interviews, promotion and book reviews. They do this through Twitter posts and through their monthly newsletter. This month, my book, An Unexpected Turn, got reviewed and mentioned in the newsletter. And it got a full 5 stars from them. I am so thrilled and excited and all squishy over what they had to say.

A casual date with Teri’s new beau takes the most unfathomable, UNEXPECTED TURN, when events beyond Teri’s wildest imagination catch her off guard.

TJ Fox packs an emotional tsunami within the pages of this novel. The power of friendship, trust, and healing is tested by every single character when asked to take on the unimaginable.

Life hands us gifts, some come ‘wrapped in grief and pain, in tears and thorns, but it’s a gift that can’t be refused’. When it seems like all choices have been taken away, there is still the option to accept the hidden gifts. The ones meant to be cherished from the beginning.

Sometimes those friendships turn into, “Our rock, our safe spot in the storm, our home. You never let go.”

An Unexpected Turn is a novel of unquestionable depth and layers that will leave you with ‘absolute sunshine’. The kind that follows the darkest of times.

If you are an indie author, you really need to follow this group on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter. I’d even say that any readers that are looking for new reads and authors, this is a great place to look because they not only post reviews of books every month, but they have a list of books that are new releases within the indie community.

9 thoughts on “Amazing Review of An Unexpected Turn: Writing Community Newsletter

    1. As I find new, helpful resources, I’ll be posting links to them on my sidebar. I may even do a couple of posts about them and why I’ve found them helpful. Maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places, but those resources aren’t all that easy to find.

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