Wow! But… What?

I was trying to get better shots of one of my humming birds the other day. I was able to get closer and have them still come to the feeder, which was amazing. It wasn’t until I went inside and started looking at the pictures I took when I realized I caught something really odd. I haven’t a clue if it is a moth or something else (going with moth because of the size of the body) attacking the humming bird or if it just happened to be in that spot at that moment. It is such a cool shot, but… it’s out of focus!! Grrr!! Still, it is a really funky, cool shot.

12 thoughts on “Wow! But… What?

    1. Most of the ones we have around here are more of a grey/green/muddy brown color. I don’t think I’ve seen one lean towards the orange/browns. Anything is possible, though.


      1. I’m no photographer, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. I was at a fabulous nursery near Fredericksburg, Texas, and the place was buzzing with hummingbirds. I did everything in my power to get a photo of one on my cellphone, but it never happened. I had lots of blurs. Lots and lots of blurs.

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      2. Oh yeah! I have probably close to 100 images that are so not great and a tiny handful that are okay. I have one or two that are pretty good that I’ll be posting. But this one? It was such a cool moment that it was hugely disappointing it didn’t focus. Oh, well. I’ll keep trying.

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  1. Amazing to accidentally catch that precise moment! I filled my feeders before going on vacation and the preferred one that was being fought over before I left is still really full so either those hummers have moved on or they’ve gone back to foraging from late summer/early fall flowers that are now in bloom here. I had one big guy visit last night but he seems to like the smaller feeder and apparently has it all to himself.

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