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A Drunken Road

This road is along the very northern edge of the Door County peninsula of Wisconsin. I’m sure we would have run across it at some time as we tried to explore every inch of this area, but were told about it from the lady at a candy store (Uncle Tom’s if you are really interested in some AMAZING fudge). Hearing about it, we were like “It’s a road. How interesting can it really be?” How about FUN more than interesting?

I think we drove up and down this road half a dozen times before calling it quits because it was so much fun. This stretch isn’t really that long. Maybe half a mile or so, if even, but it was kind of like riding on a kiddie roller coaster. One that isn’t too crazy, but just wiggly enough to entertain really young kids. Apparently we are really young kids at heart because driving this was hilarious and fun. Who on earth decided designing a road like this was the way to go?! Whoever it was, I’m glad, because this was so silly it was awesome making it worthy of its own post. It was also such a notable feature of the area that it is on a lot of the souvenir merchandise as well.

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