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Favorite Book World

I’m not typically one for favorites. Not really. Most of the time if someone asks me what my favorite of anything is, I can’t answer because it is always subjective. Color? Depends on what we are talking about. If it is flowers, then I’m limited in choices. Clothing? I like what looks good on me. You ask about food, forget it. I’m a mood eater, just like I’m a mood reader. So if you ask me what’s my favorite book, I’m not going to be able to answer. I can give you a list of books I love, but I couldn’t pick only one. Or even 5.

I was thinking about book worlds and it seems that is a different ball of wax for me because it doesn’t cover just one book or one thing. It is a much bigger concept with lots of little pieces tied into it. It is because of those complexities that I can say I have a favorite. When I realized I actually had one, I sat and thought about why. What makes it a favorite?

When it comes to book worlds, I immediately go to fantasy because those tend to require a level of creativity and detail that realistic fiction doesn’t require because the larger aspects of that world already exist. All those different parts and pieces need to work together and they need to work in a way that sells the reader on that world. That it makes them believe in it. At least that is the way the best ones work for me. I’m sure other genres could work, but something contemporary that exists in the real world probably would never even come close for me.

One of the things that makes a book world truly compelling is that I can’t get the world and how it works out of my mind even when my nose isn’t in the book. It is something that consumes my thoughts, invades even my dreams, and sticks with me long after I’m done reading. So much so, I’m heartbroken every time I finish a book and have to wait for the next release.

While I have several series/worlds that come so close to hitting that coveted favorite spot, only one truly stands out. It’s kind of funny, but all of those series are written by the same author, Anne Bishop. I have other authors and book series I adore (guess what? I don’t actually have a favorite!), but when it comes to worlds, she takes top billing.

The runner up for me has got to be her Black Jewels world. This was probably the first book world that invaded my dreams. I remember the first time I read through the series, I had dreams throughout the entire time I was reading the series. This isn’t entirely uncommon for me as my brain doesn’t like to let me sleep anyway, but it shocked me at how much this world influenced those dreams. I still love this series, but it has to take second place.

Tied for that second place has got to be her Ephemera series. I think part of why this world was so fascinating is because it truly exists on the foundation of this singular concept of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” It is a world that forces you to look a little deeper into yourself and I was at a point in my life where this had a huge impact on me. This didn’t invade my dreams or daily life so much as just really forced me to stop and think, to be a bit more mindful, to see the larger impact of my words and actions.

First place goes to all the books in the Others world. The biggest reason this gets the top spot is because I keep seeing things from that world tie into issues in today’s real world. There are so many deeper concepts in this outside of just an entertaining fantasy. Mostly from the very broad and generalized concepts of humanity, its arrogance, willful ignorance, and finding a balance with the natural world. I cannot tell you how many times I’ll be talking about current events with Hubby and I end up bringing up something from one of the books in this world. I find it utterly fascinating.

While it does have a lot of elements from reality, it is also so very not. I think it is that balance, combined with the level of detail that I really fell in love with. I also feel like it is really unique. Sure, there are certain elements that you see a lot of, but they are presented in such a different way that it makes them feel like brand new concepts that have zero ties to any of those other representations.

Anne Bishop is one of those authors that I’d love to spend at least a couple of minutes inside their head just to see some of the crazy that has to exist to be able to create the stunning worlds she does. I think she is one of those authors that most ideas start out with a “what if?” and it just explodes from there with a ton more of those “what if’s” along the way. You can almost see the path she takes from that question into the worlds she’s created. It is probably why the worlds she creates hold all the top spots for favorite book worlds for me.

Looking at all of these things I’ve brought up with regards to worlds, I think the things that I like the most and what really intrigues me is when they make me think, if it can bring in connections to real life even if the world is completely fantastical. They are all also extremely well thought out, highly detailed and feel utterly unique.

Do you have a favorite book world(s)? What about those worlds stick with you?

*Yes, I am aware that the image I used for this post doesn’t actually picture any of the books from my favorite world. That is because I only have those in ebook form, something I need to rectify. And soon!


7 thoughts on “Favorite Book World

  1. Don’t think that I can point to an all time favorite, but I think the Deborah Harkness series with A Discovery of Witches as the first book may fall into the definition of book world? She takes the reader through an intricately created and intertwining world of witches, vampires, demons, humans, etc., while mixing historical fact and the current world. I’m on to the continued story at this point, with Times Convert and enjoy it as much as the original series.
    I also have to toss in the Avalon books by the late Marian Zimmer Bradley, and of course I am hooked on Diana Gabaldon and Outlander, but that’s historical romance I believe.

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    1. Avalon was one of my earlier fantasy reads. I really liked some of the books, but not the later ones as they sort of didn’t seem to fit together (if I’m remembering correctly and not mixing books up). I haven’t read any Deborah Harkness. I’ll have to have a look at them.


  2. I tend to reach for mysteries, mostly. About a year ago I picked out a few steamy romance/erotica novels but meh…

    The mysteries don’t necessarily have to be a thriller but I will reach for those too.

    But it’s hard to pick. If I like a book I am likely going to search out other books by that author.

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    1. I think that is why when talking about a book world, I tend to think fantasy. When it comes to mysteries/suspense, the bulk of the story focuses on characters and events, the world around those are kind of taken for granted because it is the one we already know and live in. There is no need to create anything because it already exists. The exception to that would be if the basis is sci-fi or even historical. Sci-fi has close ties to fantasy for a reason. The historical, while maybe true and authentic, it is still different than the current world.

      Fantasy is probably one of my favorite genres because of the world building. Also because of that, I’m horrifically picky about what I like because it has to be really great world building. I still love a lot of other genres, just for different reasons.


      1. It really isn’t for everyone and there are tons of sub-genres that make it even more difficult to find one that fits your reading tastes. I love some and really dislike others. I guess that is really kind of the same with pretty much any genre, though.

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