Lit By The Sunset

I honestly haven’t a clue what plant this is. Most likely some sort of weed. Whatever it is, it is covering all the newly created lots in the newest part of my housing development that are still waiting for foundations. I think there is even some wheat mixed in. I wouldn’t be surprised as it was all farmland at one point.

4 thoughts on “Lit By The Sunset

  1. Very pretty in that light, even if it’s a weed. My first thought was “barn swallow” the way the heads have that distinct pointy appearance-just like tail feathers on a swallow 🙂

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    1. Thanks! When it comes to what pops up randomly around here, I’m often stumped. I know what is in my yard and a variety of other things you’d intentionally plant, but the wild types are often out of my knowledge range.

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