Playing and Learning

I have always been fascinated with weather photography, especially pictures of lightning. Sadly, I’ve never quite mastered the art. I fully accept that a large portion of that is a lack of actual knowledge and little effort on my part to relieve myself of that lack through research and experimentation. I have played and not gotten a lot of good results, but I haven’t played enough. I honestly do better with the long exposure nighttime playing than anything, but even those haven’t been that great.

With the amazing number of storms we’ve had lately, I got off my lazy butt and made a few half-hearted attempts, none of them producing anything worth sharing. When storms rolled through yesterday, I thought it was the perfect opportunity, but I didn’t want to set up my tripod only to have to yank it all down quickly because I had no clue if the storms were going to start dropping rain and I wasn’t in a protected area. My timing was shit and I invariably missed either seconds behind a bolt of lightning or seconds before. I have a ton of shots of some lovely clouds, but none of actual lightning.

I then remember BG saying something about getting a really cool image out of a video on her phone. I know my new camera can also do video, but I never made the effort to really play with that and didn’t even know how to take a video, let alone what to do to pull an image off one. I decided to try and I figured it out. And holy crap! I am really liking this ability.

Lightning From The Storm
Lightning From The Storm

Not that any of these are truly amazing shots, but… they have given me an incredible stepping off point to play in the future.

Lightning From The Storm
Lightning From The Storm

I need to do a bit more research and playing to ensure that the quality of these images are as good as a normal still, but I’m kind of impressed with what I got yesterday.

Lightning From The Storm
Lightning From The Storm

I will be doing lots of playing with this in the future and not just with the lightning shots. BG suggested doing this for recital photography so maybe I won’t miss some of the poses she would have liked for me to capture, but missed in between shots. I’m also going to see how well this plays with my other lenses in interesting conditions like wind. Really, it is like I was given a new toy.

2 thoughts on “Playing and Learning

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping that now that I know how to do this, I can get some really amazing ones with a different lens and a better location. Now I just have to wait for another storm, which we absolutely don’t need right now!


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