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Summer Break and Plans

It is officially summer break for my kids and I have zero actual plans. We aren’t a “book every moment of summer” kind of family. My kids like to chill, hang out in their spaces playing games or listening to music, so it isn’t exactly a really busy time for us. That said, BG has gotten way more social over the last year and I have a feeling that is going to extend into summer. She is also talking about doing at least the summer dance workshop at her studio because she is interested in becoming an assistant next year. That is all still open and not decided just yet.

Both BG and MC have talked about wanting to get out and do some things this summer, things that the three of us would do together during the day while Hubby is at work. This is a new thing. I love that they want to spend time with me, especially at their ages, 15 and 17. How many parents of teenagers have their kids actually WANT to spend time with them? I have no clue what we will actually end up doing because saying is one thing, but doing it is much different.

We’ve talked about taking a family vacation this summer. I’ve even told my cousin we are going to go see her this time. I just don’t know that we are going to be able to. We’ve been really worried about our dog lately. She is 14 and has had several problems lately. They seem big at the time and then a day or two later, she seems like she is getting back to normal. I’m afraid to leave her with my FIL for longer than a couple of days as that is where she goes if we take a vacation. She has always had some minor health issues, but there is the very real concern that she has either hit, or is sitting on the edge of, being really old and struggling.

I have a list of things I really should get done around the house. I’m sure I’ll actually do some of those things on that list. At some point.

Honestly, I just kind of want a laid back, lazy summer. I want to spend more time in the pool this year, even if it means getting off my butt and cleaning it. I want to spend more time going on photo hikes, with BG or Hubby or even alone. I do really want to take a trip, even if it is a shorter, weekend trip.

Beyond any of that, I haven’t a frickin’ clue. What is everyone else up to this summer?

10 thoughts on “Summer Break and Plans

  1. One week up north, a few days at a forest canopy in a few weeks, and a few days in “Christmastown” where we always go…in July, lol. Zoo, choir and art camps spread out for the little one and…moving my future son in law into my home! 😲 Sounds like a lot but its really spaced out. We are staying close to home and I need LOTS of time in between short jaunts!

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    1. Yeah, I don’t do well with a really packed schedule. Even less so the older I get and the more time I spend in the quiet of my house while everyone is at work or school. I love going places (as long as I can drive there), but I definitely need a schedule free stretch of time after that just to unwind.

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      1. Thats why I send her AWAY from me to camps! 😂😂😂 But yeah…everything I scheduled is super close to home this year which makes me feel way more peaceful!

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  2. This summer we are talking about going to the Gatlinburg, TN. I do not know if we will, but we are talking about it at least. I do plan on going on more hikes and hitting the pool too!

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  3. As of now we’re going to Greece. That could change though if the airfare is stupid…but my daughter doesn’t graduate till June 21, and she needs to be at college I think the 15yh of August. So really…it’s going to be getting her ready for college


    1. Wow! I am so not a traveler. If I have to do anything to get there other than get in a car to drive, I don’t normally go. I love the idea, but not so much as I despise flying, so I’m gonna just stay on the ground and not puke. Do take tons of pictures if you go, though! I need to live vicariously through someone so satisfy the travel urge.

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