One of Those Days… Updated*

Post Storm Standing Water

Today is trying really hard to be a grumpy day. I feel like that has been me a lot lately, which is frustrating because I try really hard not to be so negative. I can see the positives in today in that even though we are soggy as all hell and you can’t walk in the yard without sinking a couple of inches into what is beginning to look more like a swamp, we are safe, our house is whole, and we didn’t get a flooded basement like I suspect some of our lower lying neighbors did. Some people not that far from me cannot say the same this morning and what is making me grumpy is petty whining in comparison.

It still doesn’t make for a fun day to wake up to Hubby telling me one of the cats peed on the floor. He did get it soaked up, but I still need to actually clean it to try and get the odor out. Mostly, I’m worried that one of the cats is sick. On top of a dog that is aging and not doing so hot herself, this is so not a good thing.

I then get a text from BG.

Let me start with the fact that we are living in an age where students are given expensive Chrome books by the schools that require parents to purchase insurance in case of damage. We are also living in an age of ebooks that can easily be set to expire so there is no need for physical books, yet they still hand out massive books that kids are responsible for hanging onto for an entire year. Not that big of a deal other than the added weight and bulk to their backpacks.

At least until the end of the year comes around and the teacher has the students turn said books in by having them drop them off in a pile without any kind of check in process at the time so the teacher can go through them when it is convenient for them. Apparently, the students are still responsible for said books after it has left their hands even though the teacher did nothing to secure said books and took several days to go through to check to see who turned theirs in. So, instead of a simple ebook expiring on that stupidly expensive device, we are on the hook for $130 for a physical copy that the teacher could not keep track of after my kid spent an entire year doing just that.

There is just so much wrong with this whole situation. Making matters worse is the fact that this particular teacher is one of both of my kids’ favorite teachers. She is pretty damn awesome in all areas, yet she flubbed this up and sounds like she is being a complete and utter ass about this situation. BG told me that an email to this teacher wouldn’t change a thing. The only thing that could change it was if her book turned up. The book she DID turn in. If this were any other kid, I’d say there was a chance the book was lost somewhere. But this is BG. She is probably borderline needing professional help for anxiety and OCD and this is not an exaggeration. Her teacher most likely knows this so there should be no question as to whether or not she turned it in.

There shouldn’t have even been the potential to question it in the first place. I cannot understand how you do not have an explicit check in process. The second it is out of the student’s hands, you have it marked as turned in. There never should have been this gap where anything could have happened between drop off and the teacher checking. I’m pretty furious right now. Hubby isn’t any better.

The kids only have a few days left of school and it should be at the point where most of the stress and drama is over with the exception of a few minor tests (major end of term tests and AP test were done a couple of weeks ago). Instead, BG is going to be a stressed out mess.

After a night of being on edge because of the storms, I really needed this to not be a crazy day. And it is still early. Hopefully that means it can only get better. I’m not feeling all that hopeful.

*Heard back from the teacher. BG’s book was turned in by another student in a later class attempting to pass it off as their own. I’m glad this is resolved, but it never should have been an issue in the first place. The books are now getting locked up, but that is like closing the barn door after the horse is out.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

11 thoughts on “One of Those Days… Updated*”

  1. No check ins or tracking? That even makes my ocd itch! My daughter is getting a chrome book issued through school next year in the 3rd grade, i never even thought about insurance on them!….yet!

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    1. The teacher checked them in from the drop off pile a day or two after they dropped them off based on the book number assigned to the student at the beginning of the year. Apparently she felt this was sufficient, but opened the door for another student to just grab one from the pile and attempt to turn it in as theirs. This was apparently only a thing with BG’s class. The rest had a normal check in policy.

      Yeah, the insurance on those is fun. Something like $30 per chrome book. I get double that since I have 2 kids in school. And you have to do it online as it isn’t done through the school itself, but a secondary organization. At least that is how our district works.


      1. They seem to use second party here for paying for everything so that’s probably how it will work here too. Groan, it’s so disheartening when our kids break their backs to follow rules and some other yahooligan causes them stress!

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      2. This whole thing ended up being kind of a nasty, ugly mess that never should have been. I’m still processing the level of utter BS that came through my door this afternoon. My kids love this teacher and I’ve thought really highly of her until now. Now… I really don’t know what to think.

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      3. Gah…I hate that. I have been back and forth with one of joeys teachers too. Like…going from feeling her visceral dislike of me and my questions, to seeing her really advocating for my daughter, to feeling like she’s playing reverse favorites with my kid, to high praise and support, to….’oh your ankle hurts and you cant walk? Theres nothing we can do about it’…..😂😂😂 It’s been a freakin rollercoaster this year!

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    1. Hubby has sent an email. We will see what happens. BG is so stressed and upset. I’ve wracked my brain trying to come up with a plausible scenario where she even turned in someone else’s book (got hers mixed up with someone else’s by mistake), but the times a friend has needed it, she sent frickin’ pictures of the pages instead of letting someone else have her book. That is how obsessive she is about her stuff.

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