Recital Aftermath

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That is one more dance recital in the memory books. As always, I’m left with this lovely mix of feeling glad the chaos is over for a year and sad to see one more year gone. The end of recital night seems to come with lots of talk about plans for next dance season and tons of high energy from all the adrenaline and tears from the older girls that this was their last. This recital drove home for me that BG only has 3 left if she continues to dance through senior year as she plans. In 3 years, she will be one of those girls.

Next year, she will be in the older group for the first time. She will be performing in new numbers that she hasn’t done before, adding at least one to her list of performances even if she doesn’t decide to do an additional class next year. This year she had 6 regular dances, plus got to participate in an anniversary dance for the first time.

This was kind of a strange year all around. There were a ton of snow days over the winter which meant a lot of missed classes. For the first time since BG started dance 8 years ago, they really struggled to get the routines learned in time to do several full run throughs before recital. It made it more stressful I think for a lot of the girls as they didn’t feel that confident in their routine and were worried about making mistakes. They did amazing though, despite that obstacle.

BG complained on Thursday night about having an eyelash in her eye that she couldn’t get out. I still don’t know for sure what it was, but we never found one or anything else, but it triggered a major irritation and her eye got really red and swollen and painful. It looked terrible and she couldn’t do her normal makeup so she was really self-conscious on dress rehearsal night. The nurse at school suggested allergies and I had a major attack myself on Friday (thank you Irises, I never knew I was allergic to you!), so we treated it that way and got it a little better by recital night. She pushed through it all and still did an awesome job anyway.

Last night, full recital night, I got the oh so amazing pleasure of being an utter fool, catching my shoe on a step on the way to the dressing rooms and took a nice little fall. I managed to drag my butt off the ground and was grateful I managed to find the single lull in the chaos and no one was around to see it except BG, who apparently thought, for some insane reason (probably a bit of shock at seeing her mother fall) that I’d just decided I was tired and wanted to lay down on the concrete landing there in the middle of the steps. Yes, that is actually what went through her head when she first saw me because, apparently it didn’t just feel like it happened in slow motion, it actually did.

It wasn’t until I got her up to her dressing room and I looked at my elbow that I realized I was bleeding. I don’t do well with blood and injuries. At all. I either get lightheaded and pass out or feel like I’m going to vomit or both. I came really close to both last night. Poor BG, she had to help me doctor it and get some bandages on it so I didn’t bleed everywhere. Honestly, I am still shocked that I not only fell, but that is the worst of it. That and a slightly bruised knee and a couple of achy muscles. It could have been so much worse. At least my girl got the chance to laugh at me. I think that helped to take her mind off her own issues with her eye, so I guess I should feel grateful even though I still hurt a bit.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I adore what this studio does for these kids and this massive, professional level production they put on and have these kids experience. We double checked because BG was curious and the place they perform holds over 2 thousand people and it is jam packed on recital night. It is an amazing thing that most of these kids will never experience again once they are out of high school or are done with dance, though some do go on. Some dancing in college on dance teams, some going into professional cheer leading and even the occasional Rockette has come out of this studio, even though this is isn’t not a hardcore, competitive studio. I adore that it doesn’t matter your skill level, every single dancer is treated the same and made to feel amazing and important at this studio. It is so hard to put into words everything this studio encompasses and how they touch so many lives.

By the end of the night last night, I had laughed and cried and had taken nearly a thousand pictures, more than doubling what I normally take thanks to the new camera and MUCH larger storage capacity. I also have some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken, also thanks to the new camera. I will be spending today going through them all and being as lazy as possible, recovering from the roller coaster of chaos and adrenaline let down.




Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

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    1. I’m not doing too bad today. I’m kind of surprised I am not feeling like I was hit by a bus, so that is definitely a good thing. I’m also really grateful it was my left and not my right or that would be a totally different story.

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