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Sounds of Nature

This image is an old one, but it fits perfectly.

Something we had in all the years before they developed and built behind us was this amazing symphony of sound at night in the spring and summer when the windows were open. There were several little gullies or ditches that frogs liked to gather in and you could hear dozens of them every single night. All of them sounding as if they were hanging out just outside the window, and sometimes actually were as those little suckers love to climb on the house. Besides the frogs you’d get the crickets and the cicadas and all the other nocturnal noisemakers. 

I have always had this as my nighttime soundtrack when the windows were open, sometimes being loud enough to still hear with them closed and the air on. Even before living here, I’ve always lived in areas where those sounds surrounded me closely. The only time I didn’t get it was the few years after Hubby and I got together and we lived in his house in a much more densely populated area and the sounds there were different, but there were still sounds.

The first spring after the houses popped up, I was kind of floored at how quiet it was. You could still hear  some of that, but it was all at a distance. It was almost as if I had my windows closed. There were no longer those places for the frogs as they had been leveled and built on. I was so sad that we had lost that along with so much else when they built.

Last night, I was both thrilled and irritated when we get one really loud frog hanging out somewhere in the back yard singing all night. I loved that it felt like we got a tiny bit of that back, but… DAMN! I had forgotten how loud it could actually get. It took me a while before my brain could relegate the sounds back to background noise enough I could sleep.

We lost so much when they built behind us. The open view. The privacy. The quiet and the sounds. The wildlife. I haven’t seen any deer around, but I heard the coyotes several times over the winter, though not as close. We have had an overabundance of rabbits (and my plants are not thanking me for that). Now, we are getting the sounds back. We won’t get everything, but I’m happy to see we haven’t completely lost all those things. I’m just going to need a few extra cups of coffee to get me through today, though.

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