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Recital Season

I am knee deep in recital season and my weekends are going to be insane for the next couple of weeks. Today is the last ballet class and 3 rounds of pictures. I’ll be in and out of the studio at least 3 different times today. Next weekend is the big weekend with dress rehearsal and recital. I love this time of year with the gorgeous costumes and the amazing performances. At the same time, I hate how utterly crazy and rushed everything feels. So, I’ll be around, but not so much for the next couple of weekends.

9 thoughts on “Recital Season

    1. I talked to a couple of different senior moms yesterday while at pictures. It really brought home to me how close I am to this with MC and then BG won’t be that far behind. How the hell are you ever ready for that? Just listening to some of what they said made me want to cry and I’m not even at that point yet. I can totally understand your need do prepare by doing things like getting into book clubs. I’m going to be a frickin’ mess this time next year.

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    1. Thanks! This photo sparked way too much inspiration this year and I ended up with both a cake and a painting out of it. I don’t know if I hope the teacher does as good of a job picking out a beautiful costume or not next year.

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      1. That is my daughter in her pointe costume for this year. I took it as a reference photo so I could make her birthday cake a few months ago. I don’t think I ever looked that good, even at her age! lol! She won the gene pool lottery and I am so happy for her that she did.

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