Chokecherry Blooms

The chokecherry is probably one of my favorite trees and I’ve posted about it before because of that. This year, the timing was perfect to have the windows open for a couple of days when this was in full bloom, meaning I could sit here and just be enveloped in the absolutely wonderful smell those blooms produce. Sadly, they only lasted those few days. Now we are down to the bloom/seed stalks left after all those gorgeous petals have been blown away.

I’m also hugely saddened that my second tree is struggling this year and it looks like half or a little better died off over the winter. It had almost no blooms on it because such a small part of it made it to spring. We’ve had that one in the ground for probably 3 years now, so it really hurts to lose so much of its size.

Image can be purchased on TJs Pixels site.

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