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Cherry Blossom

So yesterday was apparently no exception to the pattern my life seems to be on lately and crazy was the theme. Early in the day, I made a cool connection to help promote my book. Maybe. Fingers still crossed on that and I will have an update when I know more.

Then in the afternoon, and this one kind of melted my poor brain, I somehow managed to trip across and get into a closed group for one of my favorite authors. I honestly thought it was just some random fan page and I wanted to check it out. Nope, the author actually participates in that group. Holy shit!

I’m not one to really do the whole fangirling thing, but… that was kind of epically cool and I still can’t quite figure out what happened and how I ended up there. Probably because it feels like I still have my brains leaking out my ears.

Not that I’m complaining about all the coolness, but I’d really appreciate a non-crazy day for a change, either from the good side or the bad side.


Image can be purchased on TJs Pixels site.

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