Book Review · Virginia Voelker

Book Review – The Color of Ordinary Time by Virginia Voelker

Author: Virginia Voelker
Book Name: The Color of Ordinary Time
Series: *
Order: *
Genre: Family Drama/Religious Fiction
Rating: DNF

Blurb: One summer in the life of a young teacher pulled between the needs of her biological family and those of the family she has chosen as hers. Troubled by past decisions, Keziah must find a way forward. Will she strike out on her own, into an uncharted future, or will she take the path others have laid out for her?

It isn’t often that I will write a review on a book I couldn’t even finish, but I felt like I needed to make a point with this one because it landed pretty heavily on one of my peeves. Inaccurate categorizing/genre placement.

I fully understand that sometimes it is really difficult to pick the top categories for a book. You want them to be the most accurate and draw in the most readers. The problem is, by leaving a category off that truly does apply, not something iffy, but rather something that is at the core of your book, you are running 2 rather huge risks. One is missing out on readers who will love your book. The other is pissing off readers that feel like they have been mislead into picking your book up and feel like what they got was nothing at all like what they were expecting. Neither situation can possibly be a good one for an author.

In this case, I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that this falls quite strongly into religious/Christian fiction, which I do not personally enjoy, yet it wasn’t classified as such. When I started reading, I truly had hopes that this wasn’t the case. That it would step away from those aspects and focus more on the family drama, but you cannot get past a paragraph without some form of religious connotations or context. And while not directly preachy, it does come across a bit from a sideways angle.

I’m not saying that this wasn’t well written. I think it has a lot going for it, but I struggled with finding anything I could connect with because of how heavily it relies on that religious motif. Because of that, I had to just put this down around the 50% mark as it just wasn’t for me. I was hugely disappointed because I expected this to be more about family than anything, but it really wasn’t.

If you really enjoy fiction with a heavy religious bent, then this may be an amazing book for you. If that isn’t your thing, then you will probably be better served looking elsewhere.

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