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March Was Good To Me

Normally I’d say you can’t get much better than publishing and releasing a book, but… getting to celebrate 18 years with an awesome man ranks right the hell up there. And for that 18th milestone, that amazing, awesome man got me an upgrade for my camera that I’ve had for over 10 years.

Canon Rebel t7i
Canon Rebel t7i

I haven’t had much time at all to play with it as it JUST showed up yesterday, but I’m in awe. The picture quality alone was well worth it, but there are all kinds of nifty new features that I’ve barely even had the time to take notice of. I did manage to run outside before we lost the sun to get a couple of fast test shots and I cannot get over how much better quality these are over my old camera.

Budding Hyacinth
Budding Hyacinth

As if that isn’t cool enough, I got to hand down my old camera to BG. I think she was just about as excited about getting my 10+ year old Canon as I was to get my new one and we have already committed to going on more photo hikes together. I love that she will get an old, but still high quality camera to really learn more about something we both love. It makes it even more fun for her that she will still be able to use all my lenses, along with the 2 that are hers alone, so she isn’t limited to what she can do on her phone, no matter how good of pictures it takes.

As if I didn’t have enough to keep me busy with the book release, I’m now distracted by the shiny. Or in this case, the black matte with a lovely touch viewing screen.

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