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Beauty In The Details

The snow we got the other day was so perfect. It was crazy cold and the snow wasn’t heavy and wet, so what fell was full of perfect snow crystals. This is one of several crazy cool shots that show the intricacies of snowflakes. The shot itself isn’t perfect, but I adore that snowflake in the middle. I kind of kicked myself for taking time out of working on edits to take photos, but… worth it! And… I GOT MY EDITS DONE!

I sent the final draft off to my awesome proofreader last night, but for all intents and purposes, the book is done.

The second round of edits were just as hard, if not harder than the first round (at least in some aspects). I have learned so much in this process, the biggest is something I already knew, but… I’m one of hell of a stubborn shit. I knew that, but I don’t think I realized quite how stubborn. It makes taking sound advice and opinions on board and actually listening to them incredibly hard, but I did. Mostly. Thankfully, my editor, Stephen Parolini over at the Novel Doctor is patient and honest and blunt enough to get me to listen. And nice enough not to tell me to my face what a stubborn, PITA I am.

Now that this is off getting proofed, I’ve gotten accounts set up at the various places I intend to publish through so that part is ready to go. I also contacted the cover artist to find out what I need to do to get started on that end. This feels like the most progress I have made on this since I finished writing the rough draft. Damn! It feels good.

3 thoughts on “Beauty In The Details

    1. I have a nice LONG list of projects I plan on working on once this has been released to the wild. Always pictures, but lots of projects that have been sitting and waiting for me to get this one done.

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