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*Sigh* Again, Muse?!

Between working on my edits and dealing with both myself and MC being sick, the last several days have been… fun. The whole not feeling great thing had me taking meds that wouldn’t let me sleep. As is so typical for me, my brain simply would NOT shut up in that situation. So, sitting there at 3 or 4 am wanting desperately to sleep, my crazy Muse pops her head up and points out that BG’s point costume this year (a romantic length for the first time ever instead of a stiff, flat tutu design) would make a stunning cake.

I did the ballet costume cake, twice, a few years ago. Once for BG before I ever actually saw the costume, only fabric samples and a crudely drawn pencil design. The second one after he teacher saw the first, fell in love with it and wanted one for her daughter. That one I was able to do off the actual costume itself and it came out as one of the best ones I think I have ever done. It was certainly my favorite.

Ballet Cake 2015 - Side by Side
Ballet Cake 2015 – Side by Side

Of course I get this inspiration NOW. When I need to be focused on my edits. BG’s birthday isn’t until next month, but she isn’t a major fan of this year’s costume (she so isn’t a princess kinda girl and this is absolutely a princess kinda costume). It has been forever since either of the kids really wanted a “cool” cake. MC doesn’t even do cake anymore. It is always death by chocolate. I am seriously considering just doing the cake anyway, but for my birthday. Sadly, that is next week and I don’t know that I’ll have the time.

I mentioned the idea to BG’s teacher when I saw her last night and she loves the idea. I think she’d have me do one for her daughter again. I did suggest potentially making a much bigger one and presenting it to all the pointe classes (90 some girls). The more I thought about it later the more I thought it would be so awesome to do as this is an anniversary year for them.

I did mention it to BG and she said she would actually  like that as she wants me to do something awesome for her cake this year. I don’t want her to agree just because it is what I want. I want it to be something she will love since it is HER birthday, that’s why I’m considering doing it for mine. One way or another, I’m making this cake. There are so many elements of the costume that will translate in such a stunning manner into cake that I’m just giddy about it.

Until then, I’m popping meds like candy to get over this crud that doesn’t want to go anywhere and I’m heads down working on my edits. I already have my proof readers lined up and ready to go as soon as I’m done. So far, I’ve only gotten a few chapters done, but I’m determined to make some major progress over the next couple of days, so it’s going to get quiet around here for a little bit.

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