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Cold Restart

My house is back to quiet today. Hubby almost always takes the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day off, but not quite the same days as the kids are on their winter break. He normally goes back to work a day or two before the kids so I get a gradual return to normal. This year, they all went back the same day and it is a bit of a shock.

It is rare that I feel like I’m back on a normal schedule until the second week in January because they always start back in the middle of the week. Between being slugs and sleeping in over the vacation and not ever really doing much other than spending time together as a family, it takes all that time to reset my mind into a daily routine because EVERYTHING gets off schedule during break.

I’m anxious to hear how everyone did going back today, especially BG. She is dealing with her boyfriend drama, which got even bigger over the last weekend. Apparently his mom is a bigger problem than we knew and has some pretty massive control issues. I knew bits and pieces, thought… whatever. Parents can choose how they want their kids to access technology, but… she reads every one of his texts. In doing so, she decided that BG really didn’t sound all that interested and told him he needs to break up with her. Um… really?! This from the same woman that just days ago loved BG to pieces and thought she had sunshine beaming out her ass. All because BG didn’t ecstatically go on a date way more mature than she was, including ice skating outdoors in weather in the mid teens while she was sick.

Hearing all the details (and all that is just the tip of the control freak iceberg), actually makes  me feel really bad for this kid. I had thought from the beginning that he was a pretty good kid, but could never quite put my finger on what was making me uncomfortable about him. Now I realize it is the fact that his mom is so heavily involved in his relationship. So much so it kinda feels creepy and just a tiny bit slimy. Thankfully, this was just too much for BG and she is done with it all anyway. She genuinely likes the guy as a friend and wants to keep that if possible, but she won’t be dating him anymore. By her choice and no one else’s because I will NOT be that mom. I can talk to her, give her advice and my opinion when she wants it, or if I think she is in danger of any kind, but I won’t tell her she can’t date someone.

So today will be me trying to find distractions so I don’t obsess over it while waiting for them to get home. All while trying not to freeze (WHY is it so stinking cold? There should be SNOW if it is going to be this cold so I at least have something pretty to look at), even inside, and trying to kick the lazy mode I got into over the holidays. The cold combined with a quiet house isn’t making that easy.

5 thoughts on “Cold Restart

    1. Well, I’m not sure the friends thing is even going to work since his mom said he can’t talk to her anymore. Seriously?! What parent thinks that kind of behavior and attitude is okay?! BG is just kind of tossing her hands up and walking away.


      1. I’m glad she’s able to walk away. I feel sorry for the boy with such a mom and wonder what makes her tick in such a controlling way? I’m glad your daughter is such a healthy thinker. Great job TJ!

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  1. Good luck with the drama. And you’re right…there’s being a communicative parent, and there’s being overbearing. It’s hard to figure out the right process

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