Christmas Program Week

Pointe Costume

This weekend kicked off Christmas Program week for BG at dance, starting with ballet. It is crowded and sometimes not easy to see because of that, but I love these programs. They are smaller and more intimate than the huge end of year recital. This year was even more interesting as BG had her boyfriend show up which made her a bit of a nervous wreck. We spent nearly the entire program, BG and I, making eye contact and faces at each other. Me, mostly to help her relax and have fun. There were a couple of times where the expression on her face was priceless as she was trying so damn hard not to laugh. It was perfect and she was beautiful as always.

Besides the performance, my weekend was packed trying to get as much done as I could so I didn’t have any more distractions to keep me from finishing up my edits. All my shopping is done so I can work on my holiday baking. All of my presents are wrapped, even what the kids had for each other (which always seems to wait until the night before they exchange them) and what BG had for her friends. Even Hubby got all of his done. I have no more excuses. Not even a dance thing as the next one isn’t for a couple of days (that will be her tap/jazz performance). I only have until Wednesday to work because after that EVERYONE is home until after the first of the year and there won’t be anything getting done then.

So, on that note… I’m out for a couple of days!

Author: TJ Fox

Slightly sane artist, book addict, wife and mom who is forever rethinking her place in this world.

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