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Today’s Procrastination Project

Yes. I am STILL procrastinating on my edits. The BS with Amazon did not help with that, though I did get my account back last night (finally). So, instead of working on what I SHOULD be working on, I played.

BG did a project in science club where they etched glass ornaments. It was a simple project, but the ornaments were just clear glass and the etched part kind of disappears. She wants to give one to a friend, but wanted the etching she did to stand out more, so I told her we could play and figure out a way to make it pop, the idea being that we paint/add glitter or something to the inside of the ornament. I bought a box of plain glass ornaments and played today to figure out what she will need to do to hers. This is what I came up with.

Glitter Ornament Project
Glitter Ornament Project


I had originally thought to do a light glitter base with a silver paint in the background (upper right ornament), but either I didn’t allow the glitter part to dry enough, didn’t put enough in, or the paint pulled most of it off. It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t what I was hoping for, so I changed my glue/water mix, making it a tiny bit thicker. That ended up having the glitter cling HARD, so I just ended up doing a full coat of just glitter (the blue). I actually loved the look so I did a second one in the silver just to be sure I had the technique right.

This ended up being really simple. Just a light coating of a watered down Elmer’s glue swirled around the inside then tipped out to drain any excess. While it was still wet, I dumped the glitter and turned the ornament until it was fully coated on the inside. Done.

Don’t know yet if BG will like the look or if that was what she was hoping for, but it will work for what she was wanting to do, even if she wanted the paint. Even if she doesn’t, I LOVE these and am probably going to use whatever she doesn’t need and make more of the blue (since one of my trees is blue/white/silver it is perfect).

Maybe I can get back into the groove on Monday because my weekend isn’t going to have room for me to sit down and work.

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