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Furry Chair Thief & Revisions Update

The kids are FINALLY back to school today after an extended Thanksgiving break thanks to a couple of snow days. Yay, right? Nope. They still get out early because that is what was already scheduled. Don’t get me wrong. I love having my kids home. It was especially nice because Hubby worked from home as well. The problem is that Hubby worked from home as well.

When he works from home, he needs the dual monitor I have set up. In MY office. That means I don’t get to use that set up which is pretty critical to how I’ve been working on my edits. That in turn means that I haven’t touched my edits in over a week and probably won’t get to them today either.

It has been frustrating because I really want to dig in an work and just haven’t been able to. It has given me too much time to think and rethink and then way over think some of the things I’ve done and changes I’ve made. It is kind of driving me crazy. It doesn’t help one bit that when the kids are home, they tend to come and want to chat right at that point when I REALLY don’t want them to, when I’m deep into working and running on a flow. They just pop in and start chatting away, breaking that wonderful stream of goodness and I can’t always get it back, so I’ve learned that working on it when ANYONE is home is a huge struggle.

So instead of edits, I’ve been getting some of my shopping done (very nearly done with everything), reading and doing a whole lota nothin’. I’d had my laptop set up on a folding table in my office while Hubby worked at my desk. Even that apparently wasn’t allowed as my more affectionate and attention seeking cat decided she wanted my chair. Because it was in the sun. She just hops on up, plops her butt right down behind me and just looks at me like “What? The sun is here stupid.”


Furry Chair Thief
Furry Chair Thief

It was only after I took her picture a few times that she deigned to move to the arm of the chair instead.

What is truly awful about not getting anything more done than I have is that things are looking to be rather snowy this year. They are already talking about the next round that will be coming through early next week, which means potential for even more snow days. Even though I’m probably 3/4 of the way through, I am pretty sure that I’m still going to have a lot of work ahead of me once I get to the end because I will need to go through it all from the beginning to make sure everything works, that I didn’t manage to break something or screw something up. At this rate, I think it may be ambitious to say that I’ll have these finished and ready to turn over to my editor by Christmas. If not, then it absolutely won’t get done until after the first of the year because the kids are out of school and MC is scheduled for another surgery at the beginning of their break.

If that isn’t enough, my creative muse decided to be a snarky bitch and throw some inspiration my way for yet another craft project I’m itching to work on. Really?! She can’t let me even finish the project I’m working on now before dropping that urge in my lap? Of course not.

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