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How The Dog Instigated Chaos

The day started with Hubby giving the dog a chew treat this morning when he went to fix us coffee. Turns out, that treat ended up making a nasty mess on the carpet in the living room where she decided to chow down on it. I go to clean it up and I now have a lovely clean spot in a mess of a high traffic area. Typical me, this doesn’t work and I just decide to bite the bullet and just shampoo the whole living room as I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Noticing a pattern here?

After moving all the furniture out of the room, I go to plug in the vacuum when I remember the outlet I’m going to use is the one that caused us problems when we had the portable AC unit over the summer, so I move it to another outlet in the living room. Plug it in, turn it on and it runs for about a second before it stops. My brand new vacuum.

I move it to an outlet in the kitchen and it works so I get that part done. When I go to grab the shampooer, it dawns on me that I likely tripped the breaker so I try the light in the dinning room (yes, those are on the same circuit, though they probably shouldn’t be) and it isn’t working. I go to check the breaker and there is nothing tripped.

Just to be sure, I flip the breaker I know supplies the area in question and turn it back on again hoping that will fix the problem. Nope. Still no light in the dinning room. Still no power to the outlets in the living room. Or, at least half the living room. The other half must be on another breaker, though my cable box did shut down and restart after I flipped the breaker, so who knows.

I was able to get the carpet done by plugging into an outlet on another circuit, but as of right now, I have zero power going to the effected area. That includes the overhead light and fan in the living room. The fan that I had intended to run to help the carpet dry faster.

So now, I have clean, but wet carpet and a need to get an electrician out to the house to figure out what kind of a cluster fuck we having going on with the electricity in the house. Hopefully, before that cluster fuck shows itself to be the ugly mess that it could be and burn the whole frickin’ house down around our ears.

I love owning a home, but this year has been absolute shit on the scale of crap things that can happen when owning a home.


12 thoughts on “How The Dog Instigated Chaos

  1. Oh the chain of events sounds familiar. My coffee press was knocked off the counter by yours truly, empty thank god, so now I had to get all the glass cleaned up. Picked up the big pieces but so many tiny shards. Got out the big vacuum, cleaned up the rug and surrounding tile, but kept seeing shiny things so rolled up the rug then noticed that the tile and grout needed cleaning, ran a mop over it but know I still have to scrub the grout. While taking the trash bag out to the outside can I realized there was a hole in it and was dripping the entire way so now I have more mopping to do. So glad this happened right before bed!

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    1. The event chain is so common for me! I think I have this one small project to do and it sparks 10 others and that initial one ends up being massive with a side of half a dozen medium sized ones to go along with it. This mess prompted me to add cleaning up the area in the kitchen that housed all the living room furniture so I could do the shampooing in the first place. I’m also debating whether or not I want to tackle the carpet in the dinning room since I have the beast hauled upstairs already. Sheesh! I need to be done already!

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      1. We had already thought we had a problem when the AC unit messed with stuff without tripping the breaker. I’m pretty sure we have a loose wire at the problem outlet. I’m going to look at it today and see if it is something I can fix before calling in someone.


      2. Fixed it! The outlet has a wire that isn’t staying in place so it is breaking the circuit to the rest of the power along that same circuit. I’ve got it stabilized, but I will probably need a new outlet since this one isn’t holding the wire like it should.


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