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Ahhhh! Cool Air!

Upside… We have a working AC. Downside, the temps dropped and it hasn’t needed to be turned on yet, though we did close up the house and turn it on to test out how well it removes the humidity even when it doesn’t need to cool (awesome, awesome, AWESOME feature).

My guy was out on Wednesday with one of his guys and they worked nearly all day to get the new HVAC system installed. We had requested they install zones so we could fix some massive temperature disparities in our house, so we upgraded our system from what we had to get one that was tons more efficient, but also quite a bit more work to install. And apparently super new to the market, so we are waiting on the parts needed for the zones.

Their goal was to get everything in and the AC working, which they did. They also discovered that that 5 year old AC? Wasn’t a full install of all AC parts, only the outside even though my invoice shows we paid for the inside parts. We also apparently got reamed on the price as well.  So we had a 14 year old evaporator coil and that is what failed. It still apparently failed in epic fashion and my guy had never seen or heard of anything like it, so he is going to be taking that piece and studying it so he can figure it out. It also wasn’t compatible with the outside unit and most likely contributed to the failure. It also would have voided our warranty even if we had been in the valid time frame.

I could be really angry and furious over the whole mess, and I am on one level because someone decided it was okay to scam and screw us over (that company actually came recommended by a neighbor and was a decently rated company). On another, I’m actually kind of glad. This is not an inexpensive endeavor and we have chosen a couple of things that make that cost even higher, but in the end, we are getting a kick ass system that, even though it isn’t even fully functioning yet, I’m crazy impressed with. We also have a total system, AC and heat, that is designed to work together and found a kick ass company to maintain it for us. Because the system is so new, we are one of the first in the area to get one apparently, not that I care about that kind of thing. But, that does mean it is a massive bragging rights project for the company and they are going to do absolutely anything to ensure it is perfect, both during install and over time, so that only benefits us in the long run.

Now I’m anxious to have it get really hot because I want the system to run at optimum as I have a couple of theories I’d like to test out. One is that we will actually be able to set our thermostat higher because it is just going to be a ton more comfortable in the house at a warmer temp. The other is that because of the incompatibility of the two AC parts, we were not working properly. EVER. It just wasn’t doing its job well. I have spent the last few years really thinking that my internal body temps had just skyrocketed and I wasn’t handling the heat as well as I used to. Considering I used to be the one under a blanket in the summer because I was always cold, that was a massive change for me. The old, screwed up system was running so inefficiently, it was also killing our utility bills. Again, can’t wait to see how much different things will be now.

The timing of this is kind of good (if I’m looking hard for the silver linings) because it means we will get the chance to run the AC for a while, and then get to see how the heat works not too terribly long after.

Another silver lining? It is so frickin’ quiet! Inside and out. We were outside checking it out while it was running and you almost couldn’t hear it over the noise of the neighbors AC running… two houses down… and we were standing right next to ours. That is damn impressive.

They still have to come back out and finish with the parts we are waiting on and hooking up some of the bells and whistles on this beast, but even without all of that done yet, I am just so thrilled with the end results of this mess. Even Hubby, who was furious because it was an expense that never should have needed to happen right now, is glad things happened they way they did. Baby company or no, these guys have gone over and above to earn our loyalty.

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