Mid-Day Summer Moon

Taking a bit of a break. Still waiting for a stone to pass. Waiting for a new SD card. Waiting to get the rest of the junk hauled away. Just… waiting.

9 thoughts on “Mid-Day Summer Moon

    1. My SD card came today, so I have my phone, and by extension the camera on it, back, though I did lose about a half dozen photos. Junk haulers will be here Monday, but BG just finished her massive overhaul/cleaning in her room and closet and we took the last of the smaller donate items out today. Now if that damn kidney stone would quit taking its sweet time then Hubby could finally get back to normal (and maybe both of us back to normal on the sleeping), I’d be one happy camper.


      1. Well then, I’m praying for the kidney stone to pass quickly and easily without pain so that he can feel better and you can be that happy camper for you deserve to be! How awesome that BG did a massive cleaning! I need to do that too now! BG is inspiring me! 🙂

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      2. Hers was the absolute last thing in this house that needed a good cleaning and sort through. She still had toys and stuffed animals crammed in corners of her room and closet not to mention all the dolls, play jewelry and crap she accumulated over the years. She has been a bit of a pack rat/hoarder over the years and was never very good at getting rid of stuff, even stuff she never played with. She now has nearly a completely empty closet (never hangs a thing up, everything is folded) and a relatively bare room. She still kept a lot, but it is now just packed up in several keepsake bins. She is so simplistic in her tastes that it is hard for someone like me that likes the girly, frilly stuff to deal with. It feels barren in comparison. I’m just really glad she didn’t ask me to repaint/redecorate her room.


      3. It’s hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value and for me, it’s hard to discard or donate even if I’m not using them. But I have found that it is very healing to pass along treasures so someone else can benefit. I would not do well with sparse and bare myself but I am impressed by her and by you. You’re a good Mommy. Glad you didn’t have to repaint something else! LOL

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