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Cover Photoshoot Round 2

BG and I had another fun evening trying to get my cover image for my book. I THINK I may have gotten what I want. I need to do some playing with it, and then have an actual conversation with a cover designer, but… I’m seriously happy with what I have so far.

Because I needed to wait for the lighting to get the way I wanted it, BG and I spent a lot of time taking pictures of random weeds and clover. The spot I chose this time was really pretty and it was SO quiet. Being a Sunday evening, there just really wasn’t anyone around the small park I chose. The only sounds were some distant traffic from a nearby highway and the cows across the street from the park.

It was a much needed break from the mess that has been going on around here lately. Between getting ready for the new windows and yet another kick in the gut from the BS that is the family I have chosen to distance myself from, time with BG doing something we both love is exactly what I needed to let go of some of the stress.

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