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Refining My Perspective

BG graciously agreed to help me work on my book cover concept this week. I adore the fact that she is not only willing to help, but pretty excited to be a part of this with me.

We went to a local trail that I had thought would be the perfect setting to play with some of my cover idea concepts. I planned it perfectly as far as weather and time to get just the right lighting I was hoping for. There were several goals for this outing, some concrete and some kind of general.

One was to test the timing of the lighting. I already had a good idea of the time I needed to be taking the shots, but I didn’t know how that would apply to the specific location I had in mind. I knew that being in a denser treed area, that the lighting would be different than the first time I played. I was right in one aspect, but off in another. The area I had originally thought would work great, sits too low below the horizon line for one and because of the denseness of the trees, the surrounding light is a bit too low.

Another was to narrow down the exact location along the trail. Because of the issue I discovered with the lighting, I don’t know that this is where I want to do my shots. That means I now have to seriously look at other areas, I just don’t have a clue where those areas might be, but this trip did kind of change some of my thinking on the final image I want.

It wasn’t the goal of this to end up with THE image I would use, but to help me clarify exactly the look and feel of what I wanted the finished product to have. Even though I didn’t get what I wanted for my book cover (again, wasn’t expected in this trip), I did come up with some really cool looking shots and lighting effects that gave me a TON of ideas for the feel I want from the final image. I really love some of the pictures I shot.

I seriously debated posting some here, but… I don’t want those ideas out there yet. They feel unfinished and not ready. I think I’m going to hold off on any of that until after I have an actual cover ready to reveal. Maybe. I like the idea of showing how it all came together and the path I took to get there, but not so much the idea of doing it in bits and pieces.

The trip to the trail wasn’t useless. I did narrow down some of what I wanted. I found out that the area I wanted to shoot in is probably not going to work. I got some really cool pictures out of the deal. And… BG and I had a ton of fun hiking around looking for the perfect spot. She loved getting to take some pictures of her own even though they weren’t great because of the time of day. It was one of those times that was just fun for getting to spend some time together doing something that we both enjoy and getting to share that. Totally worth the effort and the sweat (because DAMN it was hot!)



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