Beautiful Storm

I just lucked out last night and noticed an approaching storm near sunset. It was coming from a direction that is hard to see with the window placement in our house, but I noticed it and went to take care of some things outside when I got a good look at how incredible it looked. All the different textures and colors in the clouds were amazing. And to think, I would have missed it if I hadn’t gone outside at the right moment because of how quickly everything got dark and changed.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Storm

    1. What made it even better is that now BG is right next to me with her phone snapping her own shots, except she was too lazy to get her phone and stole mine. It only worked because I was using my camera for these. We are now constantly poking each other, pointing out great photo ops.

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      1. Thanks! I adore that she is finding and really digging into her creative side. It is one of those amazingly rare things we love to share, so I do all I can to encourage her.


      2. It’s so great that you bond over that and how you are encouraging her as well. You’re making memories with her that she will always remember! You’re awesome TJ! xo

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