Bragging Rights

Rain Kissed Peach Iris

Today is one of those bittersweet moments of being a parent. A moment when you see your child in the middle of a transition from one part of their life to the next. Today, I watched BG graduate from 8th grade and I’m just overflowing with emotions. Mostly pride, because my girl is just amazing and I got to see proof that I’m not the only one that thinks so.

She is my Baby Girl. My youngest. She is full of sass and attitude and smarts, balanced with beauty and grace and kindness and compassion. Seeing her today, seeing her accomplishments and all the recognition she has gotten for them, seeing that her absolute adoration for nearly all her teachers was return just as enthusiastically by every one of them, it was just… one of those perfect moments.

I sat and watched as she was called up for award after award, pretty much getting one from every single teacher she had and realized that all the stuff about my kid that I think is amazing and wonderful and awesome, other people see it and think she is all those things as well, so it isn’t just parental pride talking. Then I watch as almost all of her friends are called up for their own awards acknowledging their accomplishments and I see how she chooses to surround herself with others that are just as amazing.

I am also so very sad because it is one of those moments where you really understand that your child is growing up and getting closer and closer to that edge of adulthood. She will be in high school next year. Whether I’m ready for that or not, she is growing up and moving on to bigger and better things. I’m not worried about her ability to handle it. She has shown, over and over and over again, that she can handle anything that is ever tossed her way. And not just handle it, but to excel at it in every single way.

I am an insanely proud parent today. The amazing kid that BG is now is the foundation that she has created for the amazing woman that I know she will become.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

8 thoughts on “Bragging Rights”

  1. I can relate. My oldest daughter finished the 8th grade this week, and my middle child finished elementary yesterday. I will have one in HS, one in MS, and one in elementary next year. I know the next several years will fly by, and it does make me sad.

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