Lone Tulip

Red-Orange Tulip

The first year we were in this house, I planted a bunch of spring bulbs. Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus and Daffodils. The following year, I had a decent showing, then… nothing. I think something must have gotten to them, because almost nothing came up after that and I never bothered to replant.

After about 5 years of no spring flowers, I suddenly had this one lone Tulip come up out of nowhere. It has since been stubborn and held on, coming up every single year since. Even this year, with the crazy weather and the freezing every other night, it came up.

That stubbornness is inspiring and I need the reminder to just keep doing, keep working, keep moving forward to get out of the massive creative and motivational slump I’ve been in. Seeing more color return to the world has also been a huge help. Now if we can just get those temps up, maybe a few of my other plants and flowers can start to thrive.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

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