Plumbing Sucks

New Kitchen Faucet

I have complained and whined and moaned, I can’t count how many times, about how much I despise water problems and/or plumbing.  Seems my long bad streak when it comes to these things isn’t anywhere near being done.

I just replaced the kitchen faucet. Again. This will be the 5th one we’ve had in the 14 years we’ve been in this house. The last one only lasting less than six months before it decided it was a machine gun, not a faucet. That was before it decided to start leaking from the sprayer and under the sink, then refused to allow water to come out of the faucet at all and our only option was to remove the sprayer head from the hose, because even the damn sprayer head decided to say screw it, and tape the hose to the faucet so it wouldn’t act like an uncontrolled fire hose, dousing everything within a 15 foot range. Yes, we figured that out the hard way.

Part of why this is such a horrific problem is that the idiots that built our house left about a 3 inch gap between the sink and the wall and my sink is 9 inches deep. There just aren’t tools made to fit in such tight spaces, especially when you are talking multiple water lines all going through a single access point. I have really small hands and I can barely get my fingers around the nuts, let alone a tool.

The last time we replaced this (less than 6 months ago), I caved and had a plumber come out and do it. I was kind of pissed at how they handled the whole thing as they weren’t clear on what they would be doing or how much it would cost, but I was just glad someone else had to deal with it. I refused to do that again, especially so soon.

All complaining aside, this was the easiest plumbing project I think I have ever done. The new faucet came with a really cool tool that made my life about a thousand times easier installing this. That and all of the lines were nice and long and any attachments I needed to make were well below the bottom of the sink. The only hard attachment was securing the faucet to the counter, but the tool took care of that.

The hardest part was taking off the old one, but even that wasn’t so bad because I didn’t care if I damaged the thing as I took it apart. It was pretty much the only way I could get to the nuts to loosen them. I even said screw it and cut one of the supply lines in an effort to try and use the tool that came with the new faucet. It worked just enough to knock the one nut loose and I was able to do the rest by hand (so, those things really weren’t all that tight in the first place, makes me wonder about the job the plumbers did).

This is one thing off my mile long list of things I need to do. If the weather would just cooperate and act like spring instead of mid-winter, maybe I’d actually get motivated to work on a few of the others.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

7 thoughts on “Plumbing Sucks”

  1. The faucet in my bathroom has a downward spray and then one little stream that shoots you in the face nomatter what you do. I love the faucet you chose. We need to replace ours too. BUT the well just went out and had to replace the pressure gauge and the entire pump and THEN the septic went out so the guy is coming to morrow for that so we have water but cannot use it and then the car died even though we just got it fixed last week. It’s like really. Seriously????? But the faucet. It’s those little things that bug me that I want taken off the to do list

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    1. Isn’t that how it always works, though? One problem seems like no big deal, then you are suddenly dealing with an avalanche of them all at once. My next big issue is going to be getting quotes to replace all the windows in a house that is only 14 years old. So much fun!


      1. At the 9 year mark, we had to replace 7 windows because of rot. Last year, we replaced two more. After that, we noticed at least one, if not 2 more will also need it and just said screw it. I’m not going to have every window in the house look different (as we are changing from casement, which I HATE, to double hung) because of the gaps between replacement or the companies that do the work. It sucks, and is going to be crazy expensive, but it NEEDS to be done. I’m terrified I’ll have another window literally fall off the house if I have it open in anything more than a light breeze.

        I love my house, but we have had several really ugly issues from day one. It drives me nuts sometimes.


      2. Same. Really! We had this house built and from day one there were things. Little things. Little electrical things. Little things like the windows not really shutting right and the breaker flipping when it shouldn’t and the blinds that don’t shut right and the tub faucet that can’t turn to a tub bc it only works in shower mode then you add to that the replacement of appliances that dont seem to last more than 5 years and the garage door. I mean all of this just adds up and adds up. So we decided to make a list small to big and then just start crossing them off. That was the plan. Then boom the well starts shooting out water! Then boom the septic just says nope won’t take any more water here thanks. And all our grand plans just went out the window. Even the front door. It wasn’t hung properly so there is a gap. Just annoying little things that add up so you then feel overwhelmed and the money adds up. So sorry you are going through the money and replacement stuff too. It just sucks. I wish it didnt! I wish I could be like EH ok just something else. But then the car breaks and Im like ok now. The list is getting wayyy toooooo long here

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      3. I hear you. There were just so many things, both small and large for us. I will never understand how companies that put out such poor quality can ever stay in business. For me, the windows and water issues were our biggest. If it involved plumbing, we seemed to have a problem with it. If it rained, it came in (starting with a literal waterfall in our fireplace within the first two weeks). I’m a pretty handy person and can deal with fixing a lot of things, but I’m just not capable of doing a full on rebuild of a fireplace chimney so I have to depend on those that are supposed to know what they are doing. Between the builder and the companies we’ve hired to fix some of the problems, the quality has been pretty much garbage. I just don’t get it. At all. I just hope that the window project isn’t quite the mess that the last window was or I think I’ll just end up crying. It is hard to find the brighter side some days when all of those things start to add up. For me, it is truly always worse when it rains.


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