Clouded Sunrise

Yet another view that I have lost to progress and construction. It makes me sad and want to move, but there are so many other things that we like about where we live that we put up with it. I do wonder, and often at that, if that tolerance is worth all those other things.

6 thoughts on “Clouded Sunrise

  1. Such a beautiful photo. I agree, we lose so much to building. I guess that we do need more homes the more we grow, sad that it has to happen though.

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    1. There is some farmland down one of the roads that I drive taking my daughter to school everyday that is getting torn apart. The trees are almost all gone in the few areas that had trees. It is on the edge of a large park, so I’m sure it is going to be yet another new housing development with tiny little postage stamp size yards with, obviously, no trees. Every time I see that it just makes me want to cry.

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      1. There was on sub-division built here that said it was among trees and nature, it was for the first phase. After phase two and three went in, good-bye nature and trees! It is sad.

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