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Reread Mode

I am currently on a rereading binge. But again, being the occasionally brainless person I am, I completely forgot how many books are in this series. Probably because I only have the first few in print and the rest are digital. I had wanted to get them all read again before the new book came out. I have just started on book 9 of 13 and the new book came out a few days ago so I am way behind.

This is one of my favorite series and it has been a while since I went back and reread the whole thing. There are a few other books coming out in March that I will want to do a read through of the series before the new book and I may actually be putting myself behind at the rate I’m going getting these read.

It would help tremendously if I felt better. I’ve been feeling off the last couple of days, but yesterday I started running a low grade fever to add to the existing crumminess going on. So I will be buried under blankets with my books and some coffee to start today. Hopefully I don’t go downhill so much I end up needing to sleep the rest of the day. I’ve already done my share of it this morning.

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