Well… Crap!

I’m convinced that the Universe was conspiring against me. Really. Because, I missed it and I’m kinda ticked at myself. Yes, there is a photo. Yes, it is of the moon, even during an eclipse. But it is NOT the one that happened this morning. Sadly, it is one I got back in 2015.

Why do I say the Universe was conspiring against me? I actually have a few reasons. One is that I’m kind of ignorant sometimes and I didn’t actually look up the time for the eclipse. I thought it was tonight. Nope! I would have not even seen it at all if I hadn’t noticed a friend’s post on FB.

Because it was this morning and not tonight, it’s position in the sky wasn’t where I could see it from my house. I would have had to walk to the end of my street to set up if I’d wanted to get any pics at all and even then, I would have struggled as it was barely above the houses on that side and there was a light haze of clouds on that horizon. Also because it was this morning and not tonight, even if I’d remembered to do the smart thing and figure out the time and even if I’d wanted to set up at the end of the street, I wouldn’t have been able to because it was happening at the same time I needed to be getting ready and getting myself and BG out the door to take her to school.

So, even though I’m kind of banging my head this morning, I don’t know that it would have been much different even if I’d been paying attention. I may have been able to get a couple of shots, but not what I usually do because I just wouldn’t have had the time. I am still a bit frustrated by that, but I don’t feel so bad because I don’t think that I would have gotten anything all that good anyway because of the cloud issue. You almost couldn’t even see it. Granted, it may have been better at the earlier stages of the eclipse, but I only, briefly, got to see the very end so even that is a guess.

Oh, the joys of being a brainless parent with a creative streak. *sigh*


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