Red Moon

This is from 2015.

4 thoughts on “Red Moon

  1. How did you get this great shot!!! I really want to get a good moon shot but I am having difficulty. Have no idea what setting to use. Do I use zoom lens?

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    1. I do use a zoom. It is a 70-300. When I’m doing anything like this, a tripod is a must and I use manual settings, which, I honestly keep playing with until I see the result I want on my screen. I don’t know that I could even tell you what settings I used if I were forced to try to remember. I have a nice long post sitting in my head to explain how I’m such a bad photographer in the terms of actually knowing what I’m doing, because I honestly kind of don’t most times and usually just wing it. I will try to play over the next few days and get you a better answer than that by making note of what I actually did.


      1. I wing it too!!!! I just flip the switch and try different things. I know a super moon is coming up and I wanted to try and get it. I posted a moon picture I took last night with a poem this morning and it was sooo cool but my photo not so much. I was bummed. Just didn’t have the clarity. Is that the right word? Wasn’t clear.
        I will try the zoom and see what that does. Will practice the next few nights.
        Today I was trying to get a shot of a robin and the best one ended up being set on a portrait setting which was odd. Reading the manual has not helped me at all. So I keep practicing and when I get something clear I’m like YES something turned out on this one!
        Thanks for the thoughts. I appreciate it

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