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One Part Done

8 batches of pie crust (recipe coming soon) that got turned into 16 mini pot pies and one big pot pie for our dinner and I’m done with my baking for my FIL.

I do enjoy doing this because it makes him happy and he loves these especially, but holy crap! I always forget how much work those stupid things are. I have to roll out both the bottom and the top crusts, so that was 32 smaller rounds and two great big ones to fit a 13 x 9 pan. In all, I think I worked on the crusts and pies alone for close to 5 hours today.

Besides the pies, I worked on my candied pecans and my Puppy Chow. I just have a few things left on my list to finish and my holiday baking will all be done as well. I will be so glad because today kicked my butt and I’d really like a break.

Since I still haven’t managed to kick this stupid cough, I was battling that while doing all this today. I’ve run through all the meds the doctor gave me and I had Hubby run and get me a few more OTC things to try for a couple of days. If that doesn’t help, it is back in for more medicine roulette. Fun times, let me tell you.

6 thoughts on “One Part Done

  1. I hope that you get a very good rest after all of this is done.. sorry about the cough, I heard someone say yesterday that it was the worst they ever had. Maybe the same type as you have..

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    1. I get it every year and every year it takes at least a couple of rounds of steroids and the good cough meds to finally kick it, usually some time after February. I’ve gotten incredibly lucky a few years and it never settled in and I was able to get rid of it with OTCs. This isn’t one of those years, unfortunately.

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  2. I’m sorry you still have a cough! 😣 But I do love seeing the baking adventures! Vicarious living at its best. I’ve been banned from the kitchen for a few days so attempting any holiday goodies is out for me!

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