Anger and Fear

Sunset Over Trees

One part of my supercalifuckyoulistic day yesterday was when MC told Hubby and I that a kid on the bus singed he hairs on his arm with a lighter, split open the seat with a pocket knife and proceeded to try to burn the foam inside. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

The incident freaked MC out pretty damn bad. To the point he was actually in fear of what would happen when he went to school today because, like the totally awesome kid my son is, he reported it. We spent some time talking about it and we worked out a plan that helped to make him feel a little less stressed about the whole thing.

He texted me a little bit ago to let me know he’d talked to an official at the school and that it would be taken care of. He saw that the official had the kid’s lighter and knife, so that bit made him feel better.

The problem is that MC wasn’t told whether the kid was allowed in school or not because of privacy issues. I have a huge problem with this for two reasons. The first is that it is against all school policy to have a knife of any kind at school. Because it is a pocket knife and rather innocuous, I’m worried the kid won’t actually get the kind of punishment laid out in the policy for this offense. We won’t know because of privacy rules.

The second issue being… can you not give my kid the peace of mind to know the jackass isn’t at school and gunning for him? Not even that small bit? He was legitimately frightened of what kind of blow back he will face if this pissed the kid off. Since when are privacy concerns more important than students safety and well being? The only thing he was allowed to know was that the kid wouldn’t be on the bus. MC still sees him in the halls on occasion.

It infuriates me that my child has to worry about someone going off the deep end crazy if he reports an incident that could have gotten extremely ugly. It sickens me that it has become such a norm that it is even something we automatically take into consideration. I am insanely proud of my son for doing what was right even though he was truly frightened and worried.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

15 thoughts on “Anger and Fear”

    1. From what MC has heard, the kid got expelled, which is a huge relief. His sister is still in school and he apparently still talks to friends so kids hear things (rumors usually), but the kid is still pretty angry about the whole thing. There is still concern he may attempt to retaliate in some way, but we are staying on top of it. I don’t like that school policy doesn’t allow them to inform us that the kid was expelled because it was a worry for a while about what would happen when he came back. It is really kind of a form of bullying in its own twisted way to allow a kid to have to deal with that kind of stress and worry.

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      1. I’m sure I could fight it, but it isn’t really all that helpful. I understand, in a way, the need for maintaining the privacy of students and that is essentially what I’d be challenging. It is one of those areas where there truly isn’t a good, solid solution. In this, we already know, due to rumor and talk among the kids what happened, so we have our bit of relief knowing the kid won’t be back. If we didn’t know, then I may feel differently and think the fight worth it if I thought my son was truly suffering over it, but he is good. Unless something changes, I’ll deal with it as it is. I will step in if that is no longer the case.

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      1. So far, it looks to be settled. There was something about a text from the guy to some other person about the person that turned him in would be regretting it, but he thought it was another kid (one of MCs) friends. Pretty sure the friend reported it, but again, because of privacy issues, we have no clue what is going on. As of right now, he still isn’t on the bus, so that is a huge plus.

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      2. It is up to the teachers to screen how they received the information. If it had been me on the staff, I might have made up a story that the vandal had been identified from CCTV footage on the bus camera, or something, just to get an admission. I would never divulge information that would endanger another student.

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      3. I don’t think the info came from the school. I think the kid’s sister is still on the bus and heard someone talking about it and passed it along. If they can’t talk about discipline because of privacy, they definitely aren’t allowed to share info about a student that reported something like this.


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