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Buttato Anyone?

I was fixing dinner several days ago when this came out of the potato bag. Immediately, my brain doesn’t see a potato at all. ‘Cause I’m a bit twisted like that.

It quickly became the buttato and the cause of lots of crude humor and fun. Buttato, then morphed a bit. Hubby and I are ALWAYS joking around with each other, calling each other insultingly funny (in a not mean way) names. Because of this lovely buttato, Hubby has a new nickname. Mr. Buttato Head.

Humor is an essential ingredient to our lives. Sometimes it feels like a live comedy show around here because the kids have Hubby’s same super crazy and utterly stupid sense of humor. MC especially. I’m convinced he could very easily be a stand up comedian with some of the the things that manage to fly out of his mouth. At the same time, if someone were to walk into the middle of some of the stuff we laugh about and say to each other, they may think we were not only crazy, but actually kind of hate each other. That’s fine. They don’t have to get it. We do and we all love every minute of it.

I am truly, ridiculously grateful that I can call my Hubby Mr. Buttato Head because that kind of encompasses the relationship that we have. We make each other laugh, pretty much every single day. That we can still do so 17 years in is pretty damn amazing.

3 thoughts on “Buttato Anyone?

    1. It is my new favorite and I say it all the time. It is probably one of the cleanest things to come out of my mouth and that only makes it more humorous to me.


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