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Not So Sad Goodbye

I still have some final packing up to do of the decorations because we just pulled everything down and in last night, but I’m not so sad to see the back side of Halloween this year. I wasn’t so into it in the first place for the first time ever, but really thought I’d gotten over the hump when I decided to go ahead and carve my pumpkin. That feeling stayed with me all through setting the garage up this year then started crashing yesterday when we hit a near record low for temperatures and I found myself scrambling to figure out how to pull my costume off and not freeze to death while standing outside in the cold garage for hours on end.

I ended up not totally finishing my decorating because it started snowing, which is nearly unheard of here. Not impossible, but just really rare. I think I recall maybe one snowfall before Halloween. So the couple of figures I’ve built to sit outside didn’t get put together. I just didn’t feel like having to drag damp or wet decorations back in for the night.

We have set up down to an art form and it only takes about 2 hours to set up and break down (if I’m packing up as I’m taking down). Hubby took some vacation time to help out, so it was even easier than normal. That part was part of my upswing.

Halloween Garage - 2017

Then, BG got home. I’m working on getting my makeup done and she comes in asking if the principal from school called. Keep in mind, she never gets in trouble at school, has great grades, actually loves school, so I’m a bit floored. She had barely gotten a couple of words out when she burst into tears and couldn’t even talk she was so upset. Apparently one of her friends told her something that scared the crap out of her and had her so worried for their safety she kind of lost it. She talked to another friend about it and they told her she needed to talk to the principal, so she did.

We had a long talk about the situation, lots of me reassuring her that she did exactly the right thing and that her friend would get the help they needed. The principal did call and told me what he could about the situation and wanted to make sure that BG didn’t go talking about it to all of her friends. I was a bit irritated by that, though I understood why, they made it sound like she was gossiping about it. I had to make it clear to the school that the one friend she spoke to, it was in an effort to figure out how to handle the situation and what to do about it. I am so frickin’ proud of my girl. Yes, she was so upset she could hardly talk to me about it, but she STILL worked through it, talked to people to get help and did what was right in an incredibly emotional situation. She was still really scared and worried for her friend, but felt better by the time we finished talking.

She decided after she calmed down that not only was it too cold to dress up, she just wasn’t really in the mood, so no creepy music box dancer this year. I completely understood, I was just sad because it was kind of our thing last year. Hubby picked up on that fact, grabbed his long duster and cowboy hat and boots and braved the cold and kids with me.

We didn’t end up getting anything new for the garage this year. I’ve been trying really hard to not get stuff that creates a ton more storage clutter. The one thing we got last year, a projector, didn’t end up getting used because what I’d planned and set up didn’t work because of wind blowing the screen around too much. This year, I put it in the window above our garage and is my new favorite thing. It ties my laptop up, which sucks, but I love the effect.

I called it quits around 7:30 so I could go in and fix dinner. Again, a change from years past where I have it all done and we will have eaten before the first trick-or-treaters show up. Hubby manned the garage until everything was done and we closed up and called it done. We didn’t get nearly as many kids this year, probably because of the cold. We got several of the snotty kids that don’t say a word, grab the candy and go (couple of teenagers I wanted to smack) along with the cute ones that won’t go near the garage without mom or dad holding their hand and the ones that are always fascinated by all that is going on, what is moving and what isn’t.

By the time we brought everything in and got the walls stored, I was so ready to be done this year. My living room looks like Halloween exploded in it, but even that won’t take too long to pack away. I’m just hoping like crazy that this isn’t an indication of how the rest of my holidays are going to go this year.

4 thoughts on “Not So Sad Goodbye

  1. First, great decorations! Second, hug your daughter! How proud you must be of her! It’s hard to tell when you’re worried about a friend, but she did it and hopefully her friend will receive the help needed. That’s huge! So grateful for her kindness, compassion and wisdom in that situation! Thirdly, glad you had a nice night all in all…your holidays will be filled with blessings and love of family. xo

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    1. Thanks! Today was an early release day from school and I was anxious about how she’d do, but came home happy, so I think things are good with her. She is amazing. Her heart is huge and I know that will also cause her tons of pain along the way, but seeing her actions yesterday lets me know she will be just fine.

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