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Changed My Mind

When I went to clean out the pumpkins to get them prepped for carving, I caved and decided to just carve mine as well. It is far from the cleanest one I’ve ever done, but I’360 Pumpkin - 2017m still pleased with the result.

The pumpkin wasn’t the best for the idea because it was pretty lopsided, but I didn’t really care. It was more just to see if I could pull the idea off.

I’ve used various tools in the past to carve, including a Dremel tool, but that has always been for when I was doing more sculpting. I decided to play with an actual drill and it is my new favorite pumpkin carving tool next to my Dremel.

BG will be dressing as a creepy music box dancer so her pumpkin is a pair of pointe shoes.

Pointe Shoes Pumpkin - 2017

That is 100% here. The only thing I did on it was clean it out before and after carving. Not too shabby for someone who wasn’t even going to do one this year.

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