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Bring On The Scary

This will probably be the first year ever that I won’t be carving a pumpkin for Halloween. We have always gone all out for Halloween with a full on haunted garage and everything and the pumpkins have always been a huge part of that. It is something I adore doing and usually put a crap ton of work into, but this year, I do not have the motivation. At all.

I am the one to always clean them out and get them ready to carve. I’ve helped the kids for years with perfecting their designs, even creating a couple for them. Keep in mind that means working on a total of 5 pumpkins every year since everyone, even hubby, carves one. It is a TON of work.

As of right now, we don’t even have pumpkins. Only BG has expressed any desire to actually carve one, so we will be going out later today to pick some up, but I’m just going to set them out as decoration without any carving. I think. I may change my mind yet, but I’m already at a point where I just don’t have the time, so I doubt it.

I thought it would really bother me to not do one, but I’m so very far in the I don’t give a crap about it mode that it hasn’t. I didn’t think it was possible to feel that way. Knowing I have a full day’s worth of work ahead of me to just set up the garage this year makes it even harder. I’m not ready to give that part up yet as the kids still really enjoy it even though they are older.

BG will be dressing up in last year’s point costume so she is going to be a creepy music box dancer and I’ll be doing a steampunk theme with mine. Both require a lot of makeup work so I’ll definitely be challenging my creative skills. It just won’t happen on a pumpkin this year.

14 thoughts on “Bring On The Scary

  1. If you change your mind, I have two giant pumpkins hanging sadly in my garage. We took care of three of them, but we just can’t get jazzed enough to round out the other two. Soooo free pumpkins if ya want em. πŸ˜‰

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    1. We managed to get a couple, but only BG will be carving, so I have to get that one cleaned out. The other will just probably sit out there lonely and sad.


      1. Ha! No. I think she was even a little irritated when I reminded her this morning that she needs to get it done tonight. I think she was planning on playing with her makeup for tomorrow.


  2. I hear ya on that! I do not have the motivation either for carving this year or even decorating. I usually go all out and have no idea why I feel the way I do. Here’s to hoping that will change in the next couple of days.

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    1. We got the pumpkins and I am so not looking forward to cleaning out my daughter’s since she is the only one that is going to carve. The garage will still be going up, but I’m just not doing the carving this time. *sigh*

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  3. I sort of half assed mine this year which isn’t like me. The weathers been so awful I haven’t been feeling it. We did them last week and mine for some reason is now flat as a pancake on the front porch. Woh, wohhhhh.

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    1. I’ve always waited until only a day or two before so it would still be fresh on Halloween, but that just adds to the pressure to get everything done. I always do way too much and it can be overwhelming.


      1. I only ever do the garage anymore and that gets set up the day before and then down the day after. It is a massive effort, but is so totally cool. It also keeps the number of decorations I have to store down when that is the only thing I do.


      2. That’s the thing is the storage of all of it!!! 😣 Plus I decorate for Christmas on the weekend closest to November 10th so I need all things fall cleared away by then! πŸŽ…

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      3. Oh, decorations for Christmas go up the weekend after Thanksgiving and that is a whole other beast. Halloween and Christmas are pretty closely tied as my favorites and my storage is very good at telling just how much I love them both.

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