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Part of my recent rework here has been an effort to consolidate several of the places that I’ve been attempting to maintain across the internet. That means trying to move lots of images of my various artistic endeavors. For now, I’ve added a few galleries to my menu under Art, but I’m not certain I’m going to keep it like that.

The new menu now has the gallery for cakes as well as one for photography and one for jewelry.

One of the things that I couldn’t stand about having so many places to maintain was all of the duplicate work I’d put in updating all those places. When I was trying to run my shop for the custom jewelry, I was updating so many different locations with different requirements, it would take over a hour just to get the information posted for a single item. Sadly, that means I have lots of stuff to attempt to put here that requires even more work.

The galleries are okay, but I’m just not much of a fan. I have found the portfolio option and I may need to play around with that as it looks like I have a little more control of adding details for different pieces. I just have to figure out how much really needs to move beyond the images.

I am liking seeing so much of it all coming together in one space. It feels much less chaotic and will, hopefully, be easier to organize and maintain.

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