Temporary Hold

First Fabric Options

My ottoman recover project got put on a slight hold.  I had fully intended to get started last week, but hit a snag and may end up going a whole other direction.

First Fabric Options


I had actually bought two different materials and had planned on covering the ottoman and a couple of pillows in the one and just a couple of pillows in the other.  When I laid it all out, the ottoman just didn’t work with the new furniture.  It just felt a bit too casual and the color was off.  I’d wanted a chocolate to pick out the wood accents on the furniture and to pull some of the color from the new toss pillows.  Well, the color was chocolate, but more of a milk chocolate rather than a dark chocolate.  The furniture isn’t formal, but it isn’t super casual either.  When looking at this material at the store, I never would have termed it casual at all, but once I got it home and looked at it on the ottoman, it just kind of dressed everything down a couple of notches.

First Ottoman Layout Option

I fell in love with the pillow fabric, which is a cool pale seafoam green with a large cream diamond stitching pattern.  Again, I ran into issues with it fitting with the furniture.  When I wrapped a pillow in this, it was just off.  One, the old pillows are more flat and larger than the new ones, but I figured out quickly that I could easily change that.  Then having that solid color against the main color of the couch sort of blended too much.  It didn’t clash so much but both colors are such a similar tone that you kind of lost the pillow.  It needed something to make it pop a bit more.

First Pillow Option

After getting pretty frustrated, I tried several layouts and thought I’d come up with something.  I had seriously considered using the pillow fabric for the ottoman, but as with the pillows, the color blended too much and is just too light for an ottoman.  It would look worn and dirty in no time with this family.  Then it dawned on me to try combining the two fabrics, doing a picture frame kind of an effect with the chocolate on the outer edge and the green on the inside.  I did this on the pillows and loved the look, but was still stumped by the ottoman.  On a whim, I tried the same picture frame effect on the top of the ottoman and it looked really good, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have nearly enough of the edging I’d bought as each picture frame, pillow edge and ottoman edge really needed it.  I also wasn’t certain I’d have enough of my green to pull it all off either.

Picture Frame Pillow Option

So, I finally have what I think is a relatively solid plan, though I’m not 100% loving it, but potentially not enough material.  Not a problem, I’ll just check stock at the other stores in my area as I know my store didn’t have anymore.  BIG mistake.  While digging through the site, I run across another material that I think I’m going to absolutely love for the ottoman.  It is the same diamond pattern as my green, but in what looks like dark chocolate with the seafoam green as the diamonds.  If it actually is what it looks like, that is the absolute perfect fabric.  It is hard to tell for sure from the image online what the colors actually are, though.  It also looks a little like it has a sheen to it that my green doesn’t have making it look almost like a satin, which is absolutely not what I want for an ottoman.

Extra long story short(er), Hubby and I looked at two different stores in the area (because apparently I misread the “in stock” note online or something) to see if we could find this in person to see if that material is what I think it is only to find out it is an online only material.  I now have the dilemma of just biting the bullet and ordering it and hoping it is going to work or sticking with my original plan.  Apparently, returns are not a problem, but there would be a cost to ship it back.  Considering I’ve already bought one material that isn’t exactly what I want, I’m not sure I really want to take a chance.  At the same time, if this is what I think it is, there is a huge chance it is going to be wonderful.

I was given a suggestion to look at a totally different craft store as there was a good chance they carried the same material and may have it in stock so I could look at it.  Since there is one close and their online store is kind of crap and not really an option to see if they have this in stock, I may run by there today just to see.  Even if they don’t have this, I’m seriously considering just crossing my fingers and ordering it anyway.

After laying everything out again to get photos, I’m liking what I have even less.  The picture frame option for the pillows is off from the way I had it the first time I did this.  I think I had more of the chocolate in the border, which might still be better, but I think I actually like the solid green diamond better. I’ll have to really think about that.  Still really not liking the full chocolate ottoman either.  At one point, I even seriously considered dying it darker, but after having done a dye project not too long ago on a wrap skirt for my daughter, I really don’t want to go there on this.  If I go with the fabric I saw online, I may end up doing what my original plan was for the pillows and ottoman, just with the new darker chocolate fabric.  Doing the ottoman and two pillows in the chocolate and then two pillows in the green.

I’m really hating that I’ve changed my mind on this and don’t exactly know where it is going because I was hoping to have had this done by now and I haven’t really even started yet.  That and I’ve now got this material that I have no clue what I’m going to do with if I go with the new fabric.  At least I got it while it was on sale so at least I didn’t pay full price for it.



Author: TJ Fox

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